Mari and Tilly Heading to a Beach Party!
Me and Tilly heading to a beach ParTAy!

In 2011, the virtual world landscape was ripe for exploration and innovation. Second Life (SL), developed by Linden Lab, had long been the go-to platform for virtual activities, including a thriving surfing community. However, with the emergence of OpenSimulator (OpenSim), a new frontier beckoned. OpenSim, an open-source platform for hosting virtual worlds, offered greater flexibility and control for creators, albeit with some significant technical challenges.

Taking Second Life surfing to OpenSim in 2011 was akin to pioneering a new wave of digital exploration. The physics engines in OpenSim were still in their nascent stages, leading to basic and often unpredictable wave behaviors. Surfboards, which in SL could be finely tuned to respond to specific wave parameters, now had to be reconfigured for a new environment where the physics were rudimentary. This transition required a deep understanding of scripting and an innovative approach to creating a functional and enjoyable surfing experience. Thank you to Kayaker Magic for the pioneering spirit to come give opensim coding a try!  

Kayaker’s efforts laid the groundwork for future developments, making it possible to ride waves and enjoy the virtual surf in OpenSim.

Today, we now have a new and improved system, all thanks to Lilly Sparks and her dedicated team at Grid Tumbler in Osgrid. She explained, that she adapted from a script created by Hyacinth Jean in Groovyverse.  Improvements and input from DZ, Lilly Sparks, Herbie Haven  and Prince of Amor.  Their hard work and creativity have taken the initial efforts to the next level, enhancing the virtual surfing experience with more sophisticated wave behaviors and better-tuned surfboards. Their innovations have transformed our virtual world, making it a more vibrant and engaging place for surfers and virtual world enthusiasts alike.   


Despite the technical challenges, the move to OpenSim represented an exciting frontier for virtual surfers. It was an era marked by experimentation and a pioneering spirit, where the platform’s limitations were seen as opportunities for innovation. Lilly’s contributions not only advanced the technology of virtual surfing but also brought people together, creating a more vibrant and cohesive community. Lilly’s work remains a testament to the power of innovation in enhancing virtual worlds and the experiences they offer.   Thank you, Kayaker Magic!  Thank you Hyacinth!  Thank you Lilly Sparks and team!

Thank you to Ferd Frederix for this awesome platform where I can surf!!

“The art of surfing gradually becomes a masterpiece” MM

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SurfWatch-Tauri Tigerpaw

From Mari's journal:

Virtual surfing has always been a passion of mine, ever since I joined Second Life (SL) in 2007. One day, while exploring places to visit, I discovered Monq and Robin Mapp’s region, Surf City, and instantly fell in love. They had everything: waves, boards, bikinis, and warm vibes—it felt so real. One of my favorite quotes from Robin is “Keep it Real,” and he certainly did.

It wasn’t long before I was hitting the virtual waves and started competing. Soon, I was judging for the SLSA, even running for Director, and finishing fourth when only three positions were available. I absolutely loved virtual surfing.

As a frequent reader of Tauri Tigerpaw’s SurfWatch, I eventually became an editor, writing a little column titled “Mari’s Mailbag.” Those days in SL were some of the best. Tauri asked me to be the Event Coordinator for the SurfWatch Second Anniversary celebration, a three-day event packed with activities. Reflecting on all the note-taking for that event, it must have taken up at least 1TB of space on my hard drive.

When Opensim emerged, I was eager to explore it. The idea of teleporting to different grids was fascinating. However, there was no surfing in Opensim. That changed when I found Virtual Highway, a grid owned by Tiffany Magic and Logger Sewell. I shared my love for surfing with them, and one day, Tiffany asked if I would like to create a surf region—she had just the place.

Thank you, Tiffany. We immediately began landscaping and creating a beautiful beach, but we lacked waves and surfboards. I knew a creator in SL who might help, so I brought Tiffany to meet Kayaker Magic, who had a store offering everything seaworthy. If anyone could create waves, it was Kayaker, with his love for the ocean and brilliant coding skills.

Kayaker didn’t hesitate to venture into this new world. While many had tried and failed to replicate SL physics in Opensim, Kayaker saw the possibilities. After months of coding, testing numerous waves and boards, he finally created a surfable wave and board in Opensim. Thank you, Kayaker.

Those were wild times. If you notice on this poster, my last name is spelled “Monentez” instead of “Monentes” because my avatar ghosted during training and couldn’t be revived. The owners created a new avatar so the event could go on! And it did, leaving us with wonderful memories.

Waves of Courage.

The following pages are from a memory book I created, the pages are small so please adjust your screen size.

Cierra Theriac, SLSA Director, had this to say about the “Waves of Courage” competition, as seen in SurfWatch