Hanami, or the tradition of flower viewing, is a cherished cultural event in Japan, particularly celebrated during the blooming of cherry blossoms, or Sakura. This centuries-old tradition is not just about appreciating the beauty of the blossoms, but also about coming together with friends, family, and even strangers to enjoy the fleeting beauty of nature and the arrival of spring. We have created Zensational-Sakuragawa “Cherry Blossom River” a Japanese village nestled on a terraced mountainside. The sky and river turn shades of pink and orange, you know that the memory of this magical Hanami experience will stay with you forever, a reminder of the enduring beauty and wonder of the natural world.



Fred used his brilliance on these Japanese buildings utilizing his script to clean up extra vertices. He also solidified and improved the textures that came with the kit. He added lighting to illuminate the trees beautifully. All the props and gates were all converted to upload inworld.

In the Opensimulator community, individuals like Fred epitomize the essence of collaboration and support. Their willingness to share resources, knowledge, and extend a helping hand embodies the true spirit and magic of Opensimulator. Fred, your invaluable contributions are deeply cherished and appreciated. Thank you, very much.  This is a work in progress but I wanted to invite you to come and share this experience with us!  I have added gifts at the landing area for those of you who have Asian themed regions you will find Katana, Japanese Bells, Kimonos, Japanese shoes, and Gong come check it out!