Monentes Jewelry Love Locket


his locket is realized with thanks to Ferd Frederix-Fred Beckhusen. I explained what I needed my Locket to do - touch to open and close, and also add an image. He pointed me in the right direction of using the Prim Animator which is available on his website here: 

Not only is this exceptional for lockets but I also used these scripts in my greeting cards. Whenever you want to work on any project the first place to check is Fred’s Outworldz Website.


  • This was an exceptionally easy process.
    Place the two scripts in the Parent Prim.
    Link the child to the parent prim.
    Name the Recording Action
    Move the pieces in desired location-Record
    Click on Pause and add the time you wish to pause the movement
    Click Compile to Compile the script
    Click Finish
    When complete when you touch your item a menu pops up with the names you chose to Record.

Then I added a texture changing script to the Photo prim contents with images, now when touched a menu comes up to change the image~ Thank you Fred!