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In the lush and untamed world of Pandora, before the great battle and long before the Earthlings embarked on a journey to Pandora, there existed a tranquil and thriving Na'vi village nestled deep within the vibrant forests. This village, known as Iknimaya, was renowned for its harmony with nature and the deep spiritual connection its inhabitants shared with Eywa, the guiding force of all life on Pandora.

The Na'vi of Iknimaya lived in symbiosis with the land and its creatures, especially the majestic Ikran, or banshees, that soared through the skies. They honored the ancient traditions passed down through generations, cherishing their bonds with the flora and fauna that surrounded them.

At the heart of Iknimaya stood Hometree, a colossal giant of the forest that served as the focal point of the village's spiritual life. It was here that the Na'vi gathered for ceremonies, celebrations, and council meetings, guided by the wisdom of their leaders and shamans.


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The Na’vi people who inhabit the planet Pandora are very connected to nature. 

Healers are the medical experts of the Na’vi. When a Na’vi is sick or wounded in some way, they are tended to by the healers. 

They are experts on what trees and plants have medicinal purposes and in converting these plants into medicines that can be either taken orally or placed on the skin.   Ironically, it is the healers that create the neurotoxin from the plant that is used in Na’vi arrows.   Because of their medical skills, one or more healers will always accompany the war and hunting parties on their missions.   Because of this, the healers receive extra combat training.

As mentioned above, all members of the clan have some knowledge of healing.  However, there is one skill that is exclusive to the healer class. That skill is called ” The flow of healing.” It is well known that a network of energy surrounds all living things. A healer can tap into this energy and use themselves as a conductor to turn the energy into a healing force. By placing one hand on the patient’s head and another on their wound, the healer can turn the energy surrounding them into energy of healing and channel that energy into the victim, thereby healing them. This effort, however, is not always successful. The success of this depends on the injury’s seriousness and the healer’s skill.

This process is extremely hard on the healer. The healer can only perform this a limited number of times before they become too exhausted to do anymore. This can include many patients with small wounds or one with a massive wound. The more experience the healer has, the longer they can perform this type of healing. This classification is one of the most respected in the clan. It is also one of the most highly sought-after. And it is also one of the most difficult to pass.

Healer students must pass not one, but two final tests… First, they must be able to convert all the necessary plants into their respective medicines, and second, because they accompany the war parties and hunting parties on their missions, they also have to tame an Ikran.

Because the healer class does not focus mainly on physical prowess, more healer students die and/or fail in their attempt to tame an Ikran than any other classification.


I’ve assembled a Hawpanyu kit to enhance your ecotherapy roleplay journey. This kit delves into the profound interconnectedness between Eywa and the Na’vi, offering insights into the medicinal plants that flourish across Pandora. Inside, you’ll find salves, teas, and bandages crafted from plant fibers. Through this kit, you’ll embark on the path of becoming a Na’vi healer. It’s known that only the resilient can master this role, as harnessing the “flow of energy” requires considerable strength and dedication.

Thank you to the numerous creators of this project. Ferd Frederix, Joe Builder, Roland Francis, Kayaker Magic, and Tiffany Magic. Linda Kellie’s pant leg sculpts created the trumpet flowers here; she also created the Na’vi outfit with Feathers, thank you, Linda.  Sunbeam Magic, Jamie Wright, Leora Jacobus and Minethere Always, thank you for visiting the original Blue Moon and offering whatever you could to the project.  Recreated from the Virtual Highway build 2012